Atlantic Metal Products


 Atlantic Metal Products is a diversified Virginia metal fabricator located in Topping, VA near the Chesapeake Bay. AMP is firmly committed to producing high quality industrial products to exacting customer standards on a timely basis. We emphasize cooperative effort between management and staff, employee training and imbue an attitude of pride in workmanship to achieve the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.


Diverse Custom Metal Products

AMP produces a wide range of industrial products including boiler parts, conveyors, smoke stacks, breeching and other products. With our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled staff AMP can produce industrial custom parts and equipment that consistently meet or exceed customer demands.


State-of-the-Art Machinery

Atlantic Metal Products utilizes automated equipment on the cutting edge of technology to fabricate precision industrial parts and machinery. AMP services include: HD Plasma Cutting, Water Jet Cutting, Metal Bending & Forming.


Long Standing Clientele

Atlantic Metal Products is a well-established Virginia metal fabricator with a reputation for manufacturing high quality industrial parts and equipment. AMP has fabricated superior custom parts and equipment for companies in the chemical, paper, sand and gravel and fish processing industries.


The policy of AMP is to produce defect-free industrial parts and equipment to Virginia industry on a punctual basis. AMP is cognizant of the importance of good management, employee performance, employee training and cooperative efforts between management and staff in achieving these goals. AMP strives to attain these objectives by instilling pride in performance by both management and employees with customer satisfaction the ultimate result.