The HD Plasma cutter is a fast application capable of achieving tolerances of +-0.010 of an inch. This tool is used primarily for producing steel, stainless and aluminum parts for industry. Known for its automated "nesting" capabilities, the HD plasma tool can cut multiple, repetitive, interlocking patterns saving raw material and the customer money. The HD plasma cutter can also arrange a tightly packed pattern of dissimilar shapes for cutting a variety of parts in a single instance. With this feature, AMP can efficiently produce an array of cooperative precision industrial parts simultaneously. manufacture



  • Plate thickness: 1/32 inch (0,8 mm) up to 6 inches (150 mm)

  • Typical: 1/8 inch (3 mm) up to 3 inches (75 mm)


  • Low to high cut quality

  • Smooth, edge surface

  • Metallurgical perfect surfaces for welding

  • Medium heat input

  • Excellent cutting speed

  • Hardening within the area of the HAZ

  • Wide range of material

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Bevel Plasma Cutting

OmniBevel 2019 is the best professional software product for bevel cutting. When combined with the Messer Cutting System a vast assortment of bevel cutting machines with manual and automatic cutting-edge plasma features become available to our customers!

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Plasma Cut Parts